Marketing Templates

The Ohio Library Council has created a comprehensive online marketing training module for public library staff. Everyone from the library director to the shelvers will find these tutorials useful and beneficial for their libraries.

Proquest has created the “Public Library Toolkit” that includes templates for bookmarks, posters, fliers, online videos and more.

Marketing Plans

Tips for making your Marketing Plan more manageable and successful

SWOT Analysis
 Do it at a staff meeting so everyone can contribute

Gather your data
Census information, annual circulation numbers, programming numbers, library card take up numbers etc.

Know your customer
Get specific with demographics for target markets, this will give your marketing focus.

Create a Positioning Statement
A positioning statement describes your library in a nutshell.  It is the essence of who you are, what you do and how you do it.  It is just 3 – 5 sentences long on average. It is the formal version of an elevator speech without the sales pitch.

Have a vision!
Offer programs and services and produce marketing materials that enhance that vision.

Brand your marketing materials. Choose a font, layout and colors that suit your vision and be consistent using them. If you have a logo then use it and ensure it is always used consistently. Decide where it will go on flyers or newsletters and always put it in the same place. Yes you can adjust the size of your logo to match the size of the marketing material but make sure it is always legible. Branding will save you lots of design time in the long run and increase the effectiveness of the materials.

Layout for our Marketing Plan

Background and brief review

Budget and responsibility

Main Library Objectives

Target Markets

Positioning Statement

Marketing Strategy (including overall objectives with strategies, 3-4 in each category)

  • Advertising/Marketing Materials (Creative and Media)
  • Programming and Outreach
  • Online Marketing
  • PR
  • Research

Evaluation Strategy

Review of previous marketing activities
Action plan listing detailed marketing activities to meet objectives and strategies with time line


2 Responses to Resources

  1. Elizabeth S Neill says:

    I think it’s really important to include staff in SWOT analysis: it promotes “buy-in,” and, front line staff, including part-timers, have a uniquely valuable perspective because they are talking to the customers everyday.

  2. Dan Wiseman says:

    Some great info here. Should have gone here a long time ago. I will send this to my fellow Foundation Trustees. Dan

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