The Marketing Committee will help libraries promote the value they bring to their communities through the sharing of successful marketing practices. In addition, the committee may serve as the marketing arm of the association.

Brock Peoples, Dunlap Public Library District
Shauna Porteus, Winnetka-Northfield Public Library District


Bridget Bittman, Orland Park Public Library
Catherine Bailey, Helen Matthes Library
Christine Ciglar, Fox River Valley Public Library District
Ashley Johnson, Barrington Area Library
Chrissy Little, Fountaindale Public Library District
Elizabeth S. Neill, Poplar Creek Public Library
Denise Raleigh, Gail Borden Public Library District
Julie Stam, Eisenhower Public Library
Susan Westgate, Carol Stream Public Library, Board Liaison

2 Responses to About

  1. Brian Pichman says:


    My name is Brian Pichman, and i’m the Director of Informational Technology for the Mokena Public Library. I’m also one of two leaders in the Evolve Project, something that me and Dave Hesse came up with at our building; a design concept to better improve libraries and make them more interactive. All of our software we make / create and our conceptual ideas will be free to share once the project is complete.

    I wanted to get in touch with someone and discuss our project idea; and see if you have any marketing ideas to get donations to complete this project and potentially see it expanded to more locations.

    Thank you

  2. A group of Illinois libraries has started a Library Marketing Collaborative Facebook page to encourage ongoing conversations about library marketing. It would be great to have you participate. “Like” us and share!

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