Part Two: Helen Matthes Library “Synopsis of Training Session “

First Impression

To a customer, YOU are YOUR Library and you may be one of the only contacts he or she will have with the organisation. From first impressions made through personal and telephone contact, all of your customers will come to a conclusion about what kind of person is serving them and the perception of your business is based upon the impression YOU create.

 Creating a positive first impression

  • Make sure you are appropriately groomed
  • Always greet customers as soon as they enter your building
  • Keep workspaces, entrance and public areas clean & tidy
  • Never make assumptions
  • Treat your co-workers the way they would like to be treated
  • Be aware of your posture, poise and facial expressions
  • And SMILE!

Three Parts to the Communication Process

  •  Verbal 7%
  • Vocal 38%
  • Non-verbal 55%

Making Conversation

Knowing how to start a conversation is vital in the service industry. A conversation can help a visitor feel welcome and more comfortable in an unfamiliar environment. It may help YOU gain the information you need to solve a problem or serve the customer’s needs

Use Open Questions

  • Who, what, where, when, which and how (5W, 1H)

Avoid Closed Questions

  • Can, does, do , will , would and “yes” or “no”

Telephone Skills

Professional telephone techniques are essential skills for ensuring continuity of service. Your customers will form an impression of your organisation based upon how every single one of you sound on the phone.

The Cost of a Dissatisfied Customer

1 unhappy patron + 26 other unhappy patrons = 27 unhappy patrons

27 unhappy patrons tell up to 10 others = 270

270 people have heard about a bad experience with your company!


  • Remain calm
  • Give encouraging responses
  • Mirror feelings
  • Clarify facts
  • Work together

The Art of Service Recovery

  • Take ownership
  • Have a positive approach
  • Apologize
  • Listen
  • Thank them
  • Keep your promises
  • Follow up

Now it’s up to you!

Going the Extra Mile is easy… once you have the directions.

Catherine Bailey is the Marketing and Adult Services Coordinator for the Helen Matthes Library.

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