Going to the Library and We’re Gonna Get Ma-a-rried: AHML Practices a New Level of Community Engagement!

by Deb Whisler
Arlington Heights Memorial Library recently experienced a “first” when a local bride and her groom requested wedding day photos in the library. She’s a librarian and her wedding photographer wrote about the “in the stacks” photo experience in her professional blog.

Because the library is currently undergoing a renovation, we alerted the bride of any possible disruption before we scheduled a walk-through for her wedding day photo shoot. She was gracious, and was happy we asked to post the occasion on our library’s Facebook page. Our staff and customers loved the experience to take customer service to a new level, and my co-worker in Communications, Susie Clark, set up a dessert table to welcome Bride, Groom & Photographer on a gorgeous September afternoon. (the blog read: Susie from the library had this adorable table with the yummiest cupcakes for them!) The bride and groom Facebook post was AHML’s most successful post to date with 84 likes, 11 shares and 912 views. Another interesting way to illustrate and market how the library is “adding value in your life” – which is the tagline of our current branding campaign

Deb Whisler, Director of Communications and Marketing, Arlington Heights Memorial

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2 Responses to Going to the Library and We’re Gonna Get Ma-a-rried: AHML Practices a New Level of Community Engagement!

  1. We had a couple get married in front of our “story mountain” display a few years back. Unfortunately, they didn’t notify us in advance. The bride, groom and officiant just showed up! It’s great that you had the notice, and could make this an even more special day for the couple.

  2. Love in the Library
    The Algonquin Area Public Library also had wedding day photographs held in the Library at the end of September. Two former employees who met at the library as pages during High School married in the afternoon and brought the bridal party to have photographs under the outdoor pergola. The bride, groom and photographer wanted photographs in the Library where they met shelving books! That we know of, there have been 6 employees, who met their spouses at this Library.
    To commemorate the marriage, the library purchased a 200th Anniversary edition of Pride and Prejudice for the collection with a special book plate inserted. We posted it to our Facebook page too.

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