Great Programs at ILA

There were lots of great marketing programs on Tuesday and Wednesday at ILA.  If you ever get a chance to see Karen McBride of Des Plaines Public Library talk about video, web, virtual – run don’t walk…and check out her snazzy kicks before you sit.  I will post more notes when I get time.  Also, we’ll be showing snippets of the videos that were played at the presentation today in an upcoming Modcast.

 Another program which called for many notes was “Social Media, the News and Us” –  such as “social media is like your high school dance – you take a long time with appearance and you know who you want to socialize with when you get there.”  Marketing Fundamental to the Future” laid out tons of  marketing nuggets – Itasca Public Library resells tickets for organizations in the community to bring more people in.  Also, Betsy Adamowski advises walk outside your building and check the messages on the front door.  Dump the negative.  Itasca now has a big “Welcome” sign. Naperville Public Library has developed hiring values with “people person” being very important (Donna Dziedzic phrased that with much more humor…those of you who were there are probably still laughing).  Effingham Public Library just started a seniors with attitude group.  Our own Jeanne Hamilton had much more to say.  See her blog below.  There was great info on media labs  and stations from “Empowering Library Users.”  More great notes from “Taking it to the Streets.”  Will have a mini video to post soon about QR codes – thanks folks from Geneva Public Library.

Congrats to some of our ILA marketing Committee folks – Waukegan Public Library (Elizabeth Stearns) was awarded the Highsmith Innovation Award for the Bradbury Storytelling Festival.  Richard Lee recognized Elizabeth for her efforts.  Past marketing co-chair Alissa Williams of Pekin Public Library received the Deborah Dowley Preiser Award.

We will have more from ILA in the coming days.  The twitter feed hashtag from the conference is #ila10.

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One Response to Great Programs at ILA

  1. Melissa Henderson says:

    I like to collect favorite soundbites from conference workshops: My favorite from Karen’s program supported her promotion of learning how to create videos — her question to the audience was “Raise your hands — who doesn’t want to be more valuable to your library?” Can any of us afford NOT knowing how to use the new media tools? I also appreciated information from Carolynn Mucci, MPPL; a former novice becomes a skilled creator of video broadcasts and offers encouragement to those just starting out. A great program overall. Be sure to take a look at the handouts.

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