Still fighting an outdated stereotype

In another post I wrote about the fun literary ads that XXX library did. Now I’m back with some recent examples.

Last year, Chicago Public Library started running fun ads with the tagline of  “Not What You Think”  over an eye catching photo and “It’s Free. It’s Easy” at the photo. The two photos I saw were great – one of a young, tattooed librarian, and one of a grandma spinning vinyl.

Now in the May/June 2010 issue of Public Libraries Debrarah Olley Murphy wrote about the Queens Library’s effort to reach non-users with eye-catching ads. Murphy states, “our main objective … is to provide a challenge and invitation to non-users that disrupts their traditional view of the library.”

I love anything that displays the library in a new light but I wonder why in almost the second decade of the 21st century we still have to fight the shushing, bun-wearing, quiet library stereotype? Why do people insist that libraries are boring?

I hope in another 10 years this will be the prevalent view of libraries and we will be seen as dynamic, active community centers. But both these campaigns are a great way to show the fun, creative sides of libraries.

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One Response to Still fighting an outdated stereotype

  1. illinoislibrariesmatter says:

    I love the blog that Chicago Public Library does as part of the Not What You Think Campaign!

    Esp love:
    • Video trailer for new movies you can check out at the library.
    • Who they follow via blog posts.
    • Flickr images. Great posters from their design contest.
    • Short listing of library links, upcoming events, Friends of CPL (featured bloggers in the community).

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