Free Marketing Help

An excellent article in Marketing Library services details how the Ames Library worked with Marketing Classes to generate ideas on how to improve student’s awareness of the library’s reference services.  The article includes the  ideas generated, and describes a process you could use to implement this collaboration.

If your library doesn’t have a dedicated marketing staff member or even if you do, it’s so valuable to collaborate and get some fresh eyes on your library marketing and services. This idea isn’t just limited to academic libraries or public libraries in a college town. My library recently partnered with the Chamber of Commerce’s Leadership Academy to have them help us market our new podcasts.

So even if you don’t have a college nearby think of another type of organization you could use to get free help. Here are three more places: 1)SCORE (retired executives who do consulting) 2) a high school business class 3) a local service organization. Even just brainstorming with friends or your spouse, or asking them to read a marketing piece you’re putting together will help. Sometimes we get so caught up in libraryland that we forget we’re using jargon or explaining something in a confusing way.

Where else do you get free marketing help?

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