Social Media Marketing

So is one of your marketing goals for the new year to get your library on this Social Media bandwagon?

Here are three resources to get you started:

Six Pixels of Separation by Mitch Joel –This is an accessible book about not only why companies/entrepreneurs should be paying attention to social media, but also how to effectively use these tools to build your business (or your brand). Written almost like short blog posts, but put together in a logical way, this is easy to dip in and out of and quite thought provoking.

How to create the perfect Facebook Fan Page by Jesse Stay on Techipedia – recommended by the Librarian in Black who says, “The guide is short and pretty straightforward.  Stay offers not only practical tips about things like custom tabs and search engine optimization for Facebook pages, but also provides code snippets for stealing (err, borrowing) for your own page.  Nice!”

Remember Seth Godin says, “Social Media is a process not an event” Think it’s too late to start? Read this post by Seth.
Seth’s the guru of permission marketing, so if you’re not reading his insightful posts, add him to your reader.

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