Top 10 Tips from the April Reporter

In the April Issue of the Illinois Reporter Lisa Y. Pappas offers these 10 tips for Innovation and Excellence in Marketing:

1) Think of unconventional ways to promote your library or programs: Do you have a diner in town that everyone goes to? Talk to them about printing on their placemats or posting mini-flyers at each table.

2) Demonstrate how cost-effective it is to use your library by promoting
the savings: Naperville Public Library (NPL) has placed ads in the local paper that state: “Today, NPL saved our family over $40 by checking
out kids’ movies instead of going to the movie theater.” What other examples can you provide to prove the library’s worth?
3) Advertise upcoming programs using the latest technology but on the cheap and without all the clutter of paper signs. Instead of spending thousands on a fancy LCD monitor and software, buy digital photo frames, mount them at the various service desks and create a slide show of your Publisher flyers, like the Moline Public Library recently did.

4) Create partnerships with businesses you might not have thought to work with. Last year, my library[Plainfield Public Library] had part of our summer reading program sponsored by a local quarry company and this year, we’re working with a liquor distributor!

5) What creative programs can you do to generate publicity? Omaha Public Library held a speed-dating program at their library on Valentine’s Day this year. What other unusual ideas can you use to generate customer interest? Read the press coverage here.

6) Develop an app for the iPhone or Facebook. This link can show
you how to create your library catalog as a Facebook application. Have
you started a Facebook page for your library?

7) Does library staff travel around town to community meetings and to do outreach in their own vehicles? Put magnetic signs with the library’s logo and contact information on staff vehicles for these trips.

8) Is there an indoor sports complex in your town? Buy a banner with the library’s logo on it. Advertising is generally on a yearly basis and very reasonably priced.
9) Partner with business organizations like the local Chamber of Commerce and get them hooked on your business databases. Convince them to sponsor the costs of one of those big-ticket databases, like the Shorewood Public Library does.

10) Does your community have a Welcome Wagon or greeter program for new residents? Create a bag or folder of library brochures/information to be included in the welcome gift.

View the entire April Reporter

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