Innovative Solution to lots of flyers on a desk

Lisa Williams from the Moline Public Library offers this creative promotional idea:

“We just started  using 12 inch digital photo frames with a slide show to promote all the services and programs we offer. IT Coordinator, Bryon Lear, came up with the idea after some of us had batted around a TV or large computer screen to promote programs. He figured it was a cost effective alternative and easy to do. We have 12 inch frames with usb ports.  We create content in Publisher in landscape layout and plug in the usb and use the remote to do a slideshow.”
This idea has applications outside of the library has well! For example instead of taking several flyers to put up at a community fair or event – simply use the frame loaded with all your current events and promotions. Thanks Lisa for sharing this great idea!

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4 Responses to Innovative Solution to lots of flyers on a desk

  1. It sounds like a great idea, my only concern is for the environment…it is amazing what a drain those frames are on electrity. “If every home in America used one digital picture frame, we would need to build five new 250-megawatt power plants, according to the electric power institute.

    “It is not a concern at the individual level, but if you multiply [energy use] by 300 million people, then it becomes a concern,” said Cemal Basaran, an engineering professor and director of the Electronic Packaging Laboratory at the University at Buffalo.”

    One of our new values through strategic planning is being more green, and we’d have to really think about this one. It may be more green than lots of flyers…but on rechargeable batteries….

  2. Dawn Bussey says:

    I love this idea too. We installed a large flat screen behind the circ desk several months ago to do just the same thing, but we could add a 12″ digital frame at the other public service desks and run the same slide show. Thanks for the great idea!!

  3. This is a great idea! What model of frame are you using, and how happy are you with it?

  4. Lisa Pappas says:

    This is brilliant, Lisa! Thank you for sharing. I am so stealing this idea to put at our Circ Desk on those panels that block the unsightly cords for the PCs!

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