Top 10 Tips from the February ILA Reporter

In the February issue of the ILA Reporter, Peggy Barry gave these 10 tips for Marketing and Communication. We’ve added some more in-depth how to information on the blog.

  1. Work with local and/or regional cultural centers that reflect the demographics you are targeting. They can post a flyer or put an advertisement in their program guide.
  2. Distribute fliers or posters in both English and translations to religious institutions catering to the targeted demographic.
  3. Seek to distribute fliers through the public school system(s). Sometimes these fliers require approval, and you can usually get a count broken down by school on how many to send to each one.
  4. Post the information on the local cable access station, if the station has any programming specific to the targeted demographic. Or perhaps this is the time to ask for your own weekly library show.
  5. Pursue PSAs on radio stations that feature or target the same demographic.
  6. Post information, distribute fliers or arrange for table toppers in restaurants most likely serving the targeted demographic.
  7. Post information in groceries or retail outlets most likely serving the targeted demographic.
  8. Work with local government bodies to access programs and facilities homeless for displaying and disseminating the information.
  9. Ask religious institutions working to help disseminating information. This would work for both services targeting the homeless or other special demographic segments, such as families or mothers with young children.
  10. Work with service clubs and organizations. Make presentations about your grant program, or ask to put something in their newsletter.

View the entire February 2009 ILA Reporter.

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