Library Program Guide makes it into 14,000 homes

At the Bloomington Public Library, we compiled an 8-page Events Guide that includes every program planned from January until the kickoff of the Summer Reading Program. We then contacted the local newspaper for information about having the guide inserted into every newspaper delivered in Bloomington. After numerous phone calls to printers to find the lowest price (price ranges were unbelievable), we were able to print and insert 14,200 copies of the program guide into the newspaper at a cost of approximately $2,400. We also had an additional 300 copies left to distribute at the library. We talked the guide up on the radio, on TV, and put up signs at the library telling people to look for the guide in their Dec. 27 newspaper or at the library after Dec. 27. It’s been a huge success. Not only have we gotten the guide into 14,500 Bloomington homes, we also just placed an order for an additional 500 copies of the guide because after only three weeks, the library’s supply of extras is gone.

Submitted by Rhonda Massie, Marketing Manager, Bloomington Public Library

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