Marketing Ideas from ILA Programs

We had quality over quantity at ILA 2008. There wasn’t tons of programs on the marketing track, but the



ones that were there – had some great nuggets. There was also some other programs that had useful words of wisdom. Here are some programs that had info that is well worth posting –

The Customer-Focused Library – Lessons Learned From Retail – this program was packed with people even listening from outside the doors. This program featured results from an Envirosell audit payed for by a LSTA grant of four MLS libraries – Indian Prarire Public Library, Frankfort Public Library, North Park University and Acorn Public Library. One of the main messages was to learn from retail and don’t try to change people’s behavior, identify it and design for it. Other fun facts – two thirds of visitors were browsers, 15% of vistors never borrow, 60% of visitors received assistance, only 12% of patrons viewed signage (yikes!), the more you put on a sign, the less likely people are to read it, some signage can be so tasteful that it is invisible, don’t make decisions on folklore and images can convey more than words for signage.

Early changes based on the report-

Frankfort PL went total faceout with its kids picture books and experienced a 40% increase in picture books circulation.

Indian Prairie now has staff touring other departments.

And there were a lot more from all the libraries.

Here is the link to full report.

Click here for the great handout.

I am hoping to get some deadline free time soon to add more from ILA.

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