Inspiration Station 2008



The second annual Insiration Station (swap & shop) was truly

the table

the repositioned inspiring table

inspiring.  Thanks Alissa and Lisa for bringing in the goods.  After a few tense moments of hunting and rediscovering the IS boxes after they had vanished from the ultra safe storage place and a slight repositioning of the table to be closer to food (now that was truly inspirational), the sharing flowed seamlessly.  There was some great marketing materials and programs represented.  Thanks to everyone who submitted materials.  Mark it for your calendars next year.  There are pictures of the event and some of those entries here.

Also, we had a few pictures from the trendsetting Style

Style from the stacks

Style from the stacks

from the Stacks. By all accounts, this was a fun for all and will be back next year.

I also took a few shots at the Customer-Focused Library program that was standing room only because it was jam packed with useful info.  When I get my notes in front of me, I will link to some of Envirosell reports and more as they evaluated three MLS libraries.

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